Blue Trail Engineering

Subsea Connectors and Servos

robust miniature subsea connectors and servos

Blue Trail Engineering develops waterproof servos, electrical connectors, and thrusters that meet rigorous technical specifications while still fitting the budgets of startups, research groups, and university robotics programs.

Cobalt Series Underwater Connectors

The Cobalt Series of dry-mate underwater connectors and cables from Blue Trail Engineering sets a new standard for miniature waterproof connectors. Cobalt connectors offer the same reliability as larger subsea connectors, but at a fraction of the cost. With 316 stainless steel shells and PEEK inserts, they withstand long-term use in seawater at depths up to 600 meters. In spite of their compact size, Cobalt connectors can handle high currents (up to 20 amps on the 4- conductor version). Connector shells are keyed and feature a scoop-proof design, allowing them to be mated blind with no possibility of pin damage.

Underwater Servos

Underwater servo at a fraction of the size and cost of other subsea actuators. Ideal for Autonomous Surface Vehicles as well as Remotely Operated Vehicles, provides reliable, long-term actuation at depths up to 100 meters.

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