The World’s Most Affordable High-Performance Underwater ROV

Astral-Subsea has partnered up with BlueRobotics and now offers the BlueROV2 in various configurations with a wide range of supported tools and devices.


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What is BlueROV2 ?

Ocean research,  exploration, and adventure are all made easily accessible by our flagship product, the BlueROV2. It provides the capabilities of a high-end commercial mini-ROV at the price of the most basic commercial ROVs, making the BlueROV2 the world’s most affordable inspection and research-class subsea vehicle. The smooth, stable, and highly maneuverable ROV is comprised of six thrusters, a rugged frame, and quick-swappable batteries. Powerful but dimmable lights provide excellent illumination for the live HD video feed.
front-light small
BR2-predator small

BlueROV2 Main Features

With a 6-thruster vectored configuration, open-source electronics and software, and plenty of expandability, it’s the perfect ROV for inspections, research, and adventuring. 

  •  Live HD camera
  • Two or four dimmable Lumen Lights, providing up to 6,000 lumens
  • 6 X patented T200 Thrusters in a vectored configuration
  • Can be added with 2 additional vertical thrusters with the BlueROV2 Heavy upgrade kit
  • Basic BlueROV2 is depth rated to 100 meters but can be upgraded to 300 meters!
  • Optional payload skid
  • Open source control software and user interface software

BlueROV2 Tooling and Upgrades

Below are some of the upgrades and tooling that are available for the BlueROV2, all products can be viewed in BlueRobotics web-site.

All of BlueRobotics products are available via Astral-Subsea.


BlueROV2 Heavy Retrofit Kit

Add on kit for stability and maneuverability

Newton subsea gripper

Single function manipulator for ROvs

Ping360 Scanning Imaging Sonar

Navigation and imaging sonar for BlueROV2 and other ROVs