Cerulean Sonars

For ROV and Hydrography Applications

Compact & sensibly priced sonar products

ROV Locator Bundle

Finally an underwater positioning system that doesn't cost more than the vehicle! The ROV Locator comprises a pinger mounted on the ROV and a USBL receiver module on the surface. Simply sync them up at the start of the dive and track the ROV location in real time on the QGroundControl map display. Serial communication and API available.

Sounder S500

The S500 is a single beam echosounder designed for small ROVs, AUVs, and ASVs. The transducer and control electronics are unbundled to minimize external mechanical profile and maximize flexibility. The transducer (45.7 mm diameter x 33 mm) is rated to 300m depth, and the electronics module is housed inside the vehicle's pressure enclosure. A narrow beam width about 5 degrees focuses the acoustic energy providing 100m range and good angular definition. CHIRP technology also maximizes range and provides excellent range resolution.

Doppler Velocity Log (DVL - 75)

The DVL 75 is designed for low-cost, medium accuracy measurement of the velocity of an ROV. The system provides velocity outputs relative to the world frame of reference and can estimate positions using dead reckoning.

Future Product - Side Scan Sonar

Here is preview of a future Cerulean side scan sonar product we’ve been working on. These are early times in the development cycle, but already the imaging obtained is yielding impressive results. Both of these images were produced using the very low cost ($299) Lowrance “3-in-1” sidescan transducer. The image on the right is from the standard Lowrance system, and the image on the left is from the same transducer driven by the prototype Cerulean side scan electronics. The Cerulean result is sharper because of CHIRP technology which provides better signal to noise ratio and improved range resolution. Specific product configurations are not yet finalized, but our goal is to set a new benchmark for high performance at a very affordable price point. Surface and depth-rated configurations are anticipated, and release is targeted for the second half of 2021.