About us

Astral-Subsea was established out of great love and curiosity for the sea, the desire to connect the worlds of the sea and underwater technology and out of a desire to provide professional solutions in everything related to the construction and operation of underwater ROV and observation systems.

Astral was founded by Oded Ezra, who brings with him over 15 years of experience in the field and has taken part in diverse projects world-wide with operational experience with ROVs, mapping and observation systems. Oded has operated, led teams and managed projects in a wide range of missions, from scientific expedition, infrastructure monitoring, search and recovery operations, submersibles rescue training, exploration and more. He has also engaged in research in the deep sea, combining sonar and ROV surveys as part of his M.Sc studies in geo-marine sciences at the University of Haifa and has a number of professional ROV certificates from various manufacturers.

Our team consists of engineers with operational experience at sea and our products are manufactured and tested with focus on how they are used in the field, simply because we use the same systems at sea for our own projects.

We aspire to be a center for ROVs and underwater technologies, as a company that provides solutions for a variety of requirements, from finding the right shelf-product, through building custom systems to operating and managing the projects in the field, while preserving the marine environment at all times. 

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