BluePrint Subsea

Specializing in imaging sonars, acoustic positioning beacons and diver navigation systems

Astral-Subsea has partnered up with BluePrint Subsea to be able and offer our clients the best compact imaging sonars and USBL solutions at depth

High Resolution Imaging Sonars

The Oculus range of multibeam imaging sonars offers single and dual-frequency models with unparalleled image quality in a compact, rugged form factor.

Redefining multibeam imaging

  • Frequencies from 375kHz to 3.0MHz
  • Operating ranges from 0.1m up to 200m
  • Wide 130°horizontal and 20° vertical apertures
  • Angular resolutions of down to 0.25°
  • Range resolutions of down to 2mm
  • Ultra-fast update rates of up to 40Hz
  • Depth ratings of 500m, 1000m and 4000m
  • Simple, intuitive operator software

Compact form meets robust function

Always know the location of your in-water assets with a SeaTrac system. SeaTrac is a range of high accuracy USBL acoustic positioning systems for real-time ROV, AUV and diver tracking.

  • Real-time ROV, AUV and diver location
  • High accuracy positioning
  • Compact and rugged form factor
  • Track up to 14 in-water assets
  • Bidirectional data exchange facility
  • 1000m operating range
  • Depth ratings of 300m and 2000m
  • Simple, intuitive operator software


Underpinned by a robust signaling protocol, SeaTrac systems give reliable positioning data even in the most challenging of environments.

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