On a mission to disrupt the market for underwater acoustics…

Astral-Subsea has partnered up with WaterLinked and now offers their advanced sonars and navigation devices for ROV integration and stand-alone uses

Cutting-edge 3D sonar technology

Redefine your perception of the underwater environment with the advanced acoustic imaging 3D sonar from Water Linked.

The benefits of 3D over 2D


3D sonar delivers a comprehensive view with spatial dimensions in width, height, and depth, making it easier to interpret at a glance and speeding up decision-making in underwater operations. Unlike 2D sonar, which provides a simplified, single-plane view that often requires significant training to understand, 3D sonar offers detailed positional information. This enhances navigation and visualization through adjustable, rotatable three-dimensional data. The image on the left shows the 3D sonar mounted on a BlueROV2.


DVL A50 – The world’s smallest DVL

The Water Linked A50 is the world’s smallest Doppler Velocity Log (DVL). By utilising the latest technology Water Linked have been able to reduce the size and cost of the DVL, while delivering a level of performance previously not possible in a product so small.

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